Our Team

Passing Plan Dental Institute commenced its operations in 2020, initially starting with AFK courses and expanding to include ACJ courses from 2023.
With a dedicated approach, our primary goal is to accompany and guide colleagues through the dental equivalency process, focusing particularly on Iranian dentists.
Consequently, our main emphasis is on providing materials and content for our courses based on NDEB references, ensuring they are updated according to the latest changes. We are proud to supporting our colleagues in achieving their certification goals with the most relevant and up-to-date resources.

Dr. Saghar

Co- founder -instructor


Dr. Kasra

Co- founder -instructor


Dr. Mehdi


Pediatric dentist

Dr. Nazanin


Oral and maxillofacial radiologist

Dr. Leila



About Us

What is our goal?

• Our goal is to help you master the NDEB exams through our PASSING PLAN.
• We believe in affordable, interactive and personalized learning.

Where are we? 

Passing Plan Dental is a Toronto-based educational community.
All classes and exams will be held online on a weekly basis.



every year passing plan dental hosts multiple events for internationally trained dentists.
This helps candidates to be exposed to the most up-to-date guidelines and modern dentistry.
Details about these events will be posted here.
Stay tuned!



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