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تجربه بی‌نظیر و کار آمدی رو در گروه پسینگ پلن داشتم تیم پسینگ پلن عالی و بینظیره. ترکیبی از دانش، مسئولیت پذیری، جوانی و دلسوزی

Doctor Kourosh Rahimi

Best professional team. Highly recommended. Thanks for all the help and support

Dr Niousha Zerafatjoo

You are the best team and unbeatable class for afk exam for any one who wants to pass. Thankfully I passed the exam with a brilliant score which undoubtedly great team of passing plan had an incredible role in this achievement . Thank you passing plan

Dr Amin Mirzayoosef

You're the best , thanks a million amazing Passingplan team

Doctor Elham Radi

Most supportive team that you can ever ask for. I really appreciate

Dr Shahrzad Rahimzadeh

بهترین تیم بهترین آموزش و مسلط ‌ترین و همراه‌ترین اساتید. همه ما موفقیتمون رو مدیون شمأیم

Dr Shahrzad Rezvani

With this amazing team, I experienced a professional guide, and a family support.

Doctor Shervin Rastiyan

You are the best

Dr Azadeh Mirrahimi

خودم یه شعار گفتم و واقعا دوست داشتم. پسینگ پلن ایز دِ بِست پلن 😊 من واقعا خوش شانس بودم که انسان های مهربان و کاردرستی مثل شمارو پیدا کردم. مرسی که هستین . و خدارو شاکرم که امتحان مبهم اِی اف کِی رو برای بار اول پاس کردم اونم فقط با تکیه بر نکات و ماک های شما. شما بهترین هستید ❤️❤️❤️

Dr Arezou Moradi

Thank you passing plan. I used the free mock exam and the exam tips you sent and passed

Dr Ebrahim Sadeghi

I passed my afk exam and it was just because of your professional team in Passing Plan.

Dr Aidin Vahidi

Thank you passing plan team and especially dr saghar and dr.kasra for your support, guidance and all the help.

Dr Aysan Daryani

You expected me to succeed, and this motivated me to keep trying until I did. You set the bar high, and I learned more than I thought I could. You taught me that I am smarter than I thought and that failure is okay as long as I pick myself up and try again. Thank you.

Dr Mehdi Salehi

ممنون از شما که تا آخرین لحظه در کنارمون بودید. بدون شما ممکن نبود

Doctor Aysan Daryani

Dear passing plan team, thanks to your support and guidance, I passed the AFK exam. I truly appreciate it and wish you all the bests.

Doctor Nastaran Jenabi

مرسی از کلاس‌ها و جزوات خوبتون

Dr Fatemeh Shamekhi

ممنونم از حمایت‌های بی‌دریغ و آموزش فوق‌العاده و همراهی تون در کول این مسیر. بدون شما امکان پذیر نبود

Dr Farnaz Ghadimi

A young knowledgeable and concise team. you are admirable!

Dr Mehrnoosh Bahari

A good young hard working team that accompanies you not only in excellent teaching but all the stages along the way. Thank you passing plan.

Dr Tara Zarabian

Passing plan is the True path to Pass! The most supportive, dedicated, diligent and knowlegable team. Make no doubt to pick them.

Doctor Faranak Farrokhnia

I apreciate your patience on answering all of our questions with diligence. The Result : PASS

Dr Ashkan Bayat

Thank you from bottom of my heart! I felt lost and hopeless before knowing you guys. Certainly I wouldn't pass this step without your care, knowledge and mentorship.

Dr Farnaz Ghadimi

Thank you passing plan team, it was because of you that I passed my AFK exam. Tremendous knowledge was generously shared by all the instructors. high quality customized notebooks and challenging mock tests. You not only helped me clear this exam but also helped me become a better dentist!

Doctor Sara Abbaszadegan

با تشکر از زحمات مدرسین عزیز گروه پسینگ پلن که با فراهم آوری آخرین آپدیت‌ها در تمام دروس، جزو هایی فوق‌العاده برای امتحان افک گرداوری کردند. تدریس عالی تر و حمایت دلسوزانه سبب شد به راحتی بتونم افک رو پاس کنم به شخصه مدیون شما هستم. ممنون بابت زحماتتون

Dr Ahmad Kianfar

.تیم پسینگ پلن به عنوان یک گروه دلسوز، آگاه و با دانش به همه معرفی می‌کنم

Doctor Mehrnaz Mirmohammadsadeghi

Passing Plan team ? Let me say Simply the Best! Knowing you was one of my extraordinary chances in the life, you were just like a sea light in a stormy dark sea. Without you , there wouldn't be any "ship to shore"!

Dr Babak Naddaf

تشکر فراوان از گروه پسینگ پلن که دلسوزانه خوش روحیه و حرفه‌ای من را در رسیدن به این موفقیت رهنمایی کردید

Doctor Masoud Amanifar

Thanks to smart and unique passing plan team for your great compassionate support.

Dr Bahareh Aghamohammadi

Young but Experienced. Thanks for everything. I have never felt being in class... Everyday count down to get next session and learning from u guys

Doctor Arezou Moradi

I'm very glad that I trusted Passing Plan!

Dr Aidin Vahidi