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The AFK exam is a multiple-choice test that assesses a candidate's fundamental knowledge of dentistry.

Internationally trained dentists who wish to practice in Canada must take and pass the AFK exam as a first exam in equivalency process.

The exam is offered twice a year ,in February and August.

The cost of the AFK exam is 1000 dollars.

 You can pay for the exam through your NDEBConnect account using a credit card. Payment must be made in Canadian dollars.

Yes, you are required to pay the full exam fee at the time of registration.

There is no financial aid for the AFK exam cost, however there are loans/line of credits available to help cover the cost of NDEB equivalency process.

While it is not mandatory, taking a study course for the AFK exam can be helpful in preparing for the exam effectively and can greatly increase your chance of passing at the first attempt as this exam is quite competitive.

The AFK exam consists of 200 multiple-choice questions, with total of 4 hours exam.

It can be delivered in either format, with the exam center indicating the delivery method at the time of registration .

The passing score is 75 which is the rescaled score.

The AFK exam scored using a test-equating procedure to ensure consistency across versions of the exam. Candidates receive a rescaled score, and a score of 75 or higher is considered a pass.

The AFK exam offered in various locations across Canada ,as well as select cities in the United States and Australia.

The NDEB website provides reference materials and sample questions ,and study courses are available to provide additional guidance and support.

It's important to select a course taught by experienced instructors with comprehensive study materials, practice quizzes and exams.

Passing Plan Dental is a study course provider  that offers expert instruction, study materials, weekly exams, and quizzes to help prepare for the AFK exam. Their program is designed to guide students in learning what to study and how to be prepared for the exam in the shortest time possible, with the goal of guaranteeing a passing score.

The passing rate of passing plan is above 90%, and candidates have reported a high level of satisfaction with the program.